Alphonso Davies speaks out on possibility of becoming Canada captain

As the Canadian men’s national team prepares for three of the most challenging matches in its history, Alphonso Davies’ role within the team could soon be changing.

Under new Canada head coach Jesse Marsch, who was only appointed to the job on May 13, the Bayern Munich defender has been forced to answer questions he was not “really comfortable” answering about his place in the national team.

And questions about whether Davies could be the next captain.

“Off the pitch, (Marsch) challenged me. He asked me questions, difficult questions, that I don’t really think (about) everyday. It’s a challenge with those questions. It put me in a position where I’m not really comfortable in. But I know that it’s part of life. You have to rise to the occasion and I’m definitely willing to do that and learn from him,” Davies told reporters on Wednesday.

Canada has two upcoming friendlies against the Netherlands on June 6 and France on June 9. These difficult tests come ahead of Canada’s Copa America campaign this summer. They will open the tournament against World Cup champions Argentina in Group A.

When they do, it’s entirely possible that Davies leads Canada out as captain for the first time in his career.

“I think the first time (Marsch) asked me two or three times what it means to be Canadian. The first time I told him my answer, but then he asked me again and I had to really sit down and think about it. A question like that, (Marsch asked) ‘If I was to put you in a situation to wear the armband, how would you carry yourself?’ It’s not a question I really get every day,” Davies said.

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Davies first appeared for Canada in 2017. Behind the scenes, he has known to be more reserved in a team setting, often allowing veterans to be more vocal.

“I always think I bring my experience on the pitch. But being more vocal, especially off the pitch, (Marsch) told me about doing the team speeches. I’m usually not the one that does the team speeches. I just say, ‘Let’s go boys,’ but in that way, he is getting me out of my comfort zone for sure,” Davies said.

Canada is undergoing a period of change in the team’s leadership.

Longtime Canada veterans Milan Borjan, Atiba Hutchinson and Steven Vitoria have all worn the armband in the recent past. But all three last suited up for Canada in 2023.

Midfielder Stephen Eustaquio was named captain for Canada in their March Copa America play-off match against Trinidad and Tobago. That match was interim head coach Mauro Biello’s final game in charge of the team.

But Marsch clearly has an idea on seeing Davies’ leadership role increase.

“As he’s moving forward with the national team, what I’m challenging him to do is to be a good leader, not just a great player,” Marsch said. “Someone who takes care of the group and knows how to keep everyone on track.

“He’s always been a good leader by example but (Davies now has to) find the right way to have conversations with players, new players, experienced players who have been in. He’s done a really good job with that. He wants to be a big part of the leadership moving into 2026.”



Alphonso Davies asked to step up as Canada’s leader as transfer interest swirls

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