Automotive World Magazine – June 2024

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As Chinese brands accelerate their overseas offensive, the west is showing signs of panic. Driven to tap new markets as domestic growth slows, these players offer an attractive package of technology innovation and affordable electrification. The US is so worried about the threat to local players that it is quadrupling import tariffs. It’s also pressured Mexico to withdraw its offer of incentives to Chinese EV makers, fearing they would use Mexico as a backdoor to the US market. This month’s Magazine takes a deep dive into this rapidly evolving landscape, as well as exploring the latest advances with Al, eVTOL, automated driving and automaker strategies.

In this issue:

  • Are Western OEMs already resigned to China’s EV leadership?
  • An AI ecosystem will gradually reshape long-haul trucking
  • Stellantis’ Carlos Tavares flexes his muscles in the US
  • EV’s aren’t dead, so why are we in mourning?
  • AI tech developments outpace regulation
  • What is the true value of partial automation systems?
  • Will Tesla’s Supercharger layoffs damage EV adoption?
  • Cupra doubles down on design, but moves beyond cars
  • US changes Mexico’s stance on Chinese OEMs
  • Xpeng Aeroht optimistic about the timeline for flying cars
  • UAE makes a play for multimodal AV leadership at DriftX 2024
  • ESG requirements spotlight complexity of EV supply chain
  • Battery recycling trumps second-life in economic argument
  • What’s guiding the evolution of Bosch’s Mobility business?
  • How is new mobility reshaping the legal landscape?

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