Beto O'Rourke

Beto O’Rourke, a Texas gubernatorial candidate joins Obama to use TikTok for the get-out-the-vote message

Beto O’Rourke, the Texas governor-nominee, is one of many Democrats using TikTok to increase their vote count ahead of the midterm elections next week.

O’Rourke posted videos over the last few days that focus on his campaign message of gun control, expanding Medicaid, and protecting abortion access.

Many videos feature his supporters sharing their stories to drive home these points. Many videos show women expressing their support for abortion. Hayley Williams, the lead singer from Paramore, urges Texans not to wait until Election Day to vote and send a Republican Governor. Greg Abbott packing.

O’Rourke’s TikTok use suggests that it will be difficult to increase voter turnout, even though many politicians use social media for campaign purposes or media purposes.

The TikTok series “Under the Desk”, featuring former President Barack Obama and creator Vitus Spehar, was just released. Obama encouraged people to register to vote, to support Democrats in enacting new climate restrictions, gun control laws, and expanding abortion rights.

According to polls, rampant inflation is top of mind among voters who think that the Republican Party has a better economic management system than the incumbent Democrats.

Democrats are facing bad news from Texas early voting data. On Tuesday evening, approximately 3.8 million votes were cast. Data reviewed shows that Republican Primary voters have an almost half-million voted advantage over those with Democratic Primary history.

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