Bizzed Wins BBT Award at Solana’s SuperTeam Competition

In a heated finale at Solana’s SuperTeam Competition recently, startup Bizzed emerged victorious, claiming the coveted BBT (Boring Business Token) Award.

The win caps an exhilarating UK Demo Day that saw a record 37 companies pitch, leaving the judges with tremendously difficult decisions.

Bizzed’s groundbreaking model is revolutionising investment access by allowing anyone to own tokenised stakes in mature, cash-flowing local businesses like plumbers, laundromats and HVAC providers. Through its blockchain-powered platform, the startup aims to democratise the lucrative yet historically exclusive returns from these unglamorous but indispensable community pillars.

“For too long, the profits gushing from ‘High Street’ enterprises have been cornered by privileged private equity elite and accredited investors,” stated Janine Subgang, Bizzed’s Founder and CEO. “Our BBT vision is to open those income floodgates so everyday people can directly share in the wealth generated by the same beloved businesses anchoring their local economies.”

Bizzed’s meticulous acquisition strategy targets well-established, cash-generating small companies exhibiting longevity, market dominance, operational simplicity and recession-resilience. Once acquired, the startup implements strategic optimizations to further elevate performance, including tech integrations, leadership revitalisation and pricing reassessments.

As these mature businesses thrive under Bizzed’s guidance, tokenholders automatically receive their pro-rata share of distributed profits on a quarterly basis through the platform’s smart contracts.

“It’s arguably the most democratised private equity investment vehicle ever created,” Subgang explained. “Now anyone can get paid dividends just for owning a stake in that diversified basket of extremely profitable businesses reliably churning out cash flow in their own backyard.”

The blockchain integration unlocks newfound accessibility and transparency compared to antiquated fund structures. By tokenising traditionally illiquid private companies, Bizzed gives retail investors a viable path to the wealth-building opportunities previously limited only to accredited financiers.

“Public stock markets were revolutionary for giving the masses ownership over big corporations,” Subgang noted. “We’re the next evolution, redistributing economic power by letting everyone invest directly in those steady, unglamorous income engines powering local communities worldwide.”

Beyond just returns, Bizzed’s model creates positive impacts by securing the futures of beloved small businesses facing succession crises. As Baby Boomer owners approach retirement without viable transition plans, the startup provides pathways to transfer ownership while preserving jobs and vital community services.

Bizzed’s facilitation of seller financing further aligns incentives. By carrying portions of the sale price as loan notes, existing entrepreneurs can convert their life’s work into annuity income streams funding their golden years.

“We’re saving neighborhood economies from permanent disruption just as much as generating profits,” said Subgang. “It’s about maintaining that socioeconomic fabric when ‘Mum and Dad’ retire – ensuring valued businesses live on, employees keep working, and those legacy investments continue paying dividends under new stewardship.”

For the visionary founder, Bizzed represents more than just an investment platform. It’s an inclusive economic empowerment movement.

“This isn’t just about making money,” Subgang stated. “It’s a push to correct historical injustices by giving everyone a real stake in the enterprises driving prosperity within their own communities. We’re taking that generational business wealth and redistributing it widely amongst the very people who helped create it through decades of loyal patronage and labour.”

As Bizzed celebrates its BBT Award, Subgang has a rallying cry for the disenchanted masses: “If you’ve ever felt shut out from lucrative investment opportunities despite working tirelessly as the economic backbone of your neighborhood, then this is your chance. We’re putting you in the owner’s chair of those same wealth-generating businesses you’ve dutifully supported all along. A new era of equitable capitalism has arrived, fueled by radical ownership for all.”

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