Cardi B Closes Out Met Gala Monday at Silencio With Family

Cardi B arrived at her Met Gala after party with Revolve and Fwrd just after 2 a.m. on Tuesday morning. Earlier in the day, a marketing agency had sent out an email call for “paps” to come shoot the rapper’s street arrival outside the party venue, Silencio. While all signs pointed to a potentially chaotic situation at the door, there was no crowd to note as the party stretched on into the early hours.

Down the red-lit flight of stairs, the strobe lights were flashing and phones were held high toward the stage inside of the intimate space. Cardi B, wearing a red dress by Revolve Atelier, was stationed there behind the DJ table with sister Hennessy Carolina and husband Offset as the crowd looked on, waiting for something to happen. A performance was imminent, but by 2:30 the space had begun to empty out and Cardi had yet to hop on the mic.

Guests including Coco Rocha, Chris Appleton and Christian Siriano stopped by earlier in the evening as they celebrated the conclusion of their latest Met Gala.

“Everyone should be sipping something here,” one of the DJs called out to the room, as trays of caviar and other snacks continued to circulate. “It’s a party on Monday night: let’s go New York.”

Coco Rocha at Cardi B's Met Gala After Party

Coco Rocha at Cardi B’s Met Gala after party.

Steve Eichner/WWD

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