David Yurman Taps Seven NBA Players as Brand Ambassadors 

David Yurman is furthering its presence in the men’s jewelry category with a roster of new brand ambassadors.

The fine jewelry brand is embarking on a major partnership within the National Basketball Association, naming seven basketball stars as brand ambassadors: Kyle Kuzma, D’Angelo Russell, Jalen Green, Jaime Jaquez Jr., Kevin Love, Josh Hart and Seth Curry. 

“We wanted to find partners that men look to as style icons,” said Carolyn Dawkins, chief marketing officer at David Yurman. “For women, they have so many different style icons that they look to whether it is influencers or celebrities. Men are different in terms of who they look to. The NBA has consistently risen out of the ranks to be the style sport. A lot of the players are name checked for this style, so [the partnership] was something that allowed us to show men’s jewelry style in a way that [consumers] find really compelling.” 

The NBA players are kicking off their ambassadorship with a men’s jewelry campaign and accompanying docuseries that focuses on their careers and personal style. The players are seen modeling an array of David Yurman men’s jewelry styles, such as pieces from the Chevron collection, Curb Chain collection and Spiritual Beads collection. 

David Yurman taps seven NBA players as brand ambassadors

Jaime Jaquez Jr.

Courtesy of David Yurman

“Being part of this campaign allows me to merge my passion for basketball with my appreciation for exquisite craftsmanship,” Love said. “I believe in David Yurman’s commitment to elegance and quality, aligning perfectly with my personal style. It’s an honor to represent a brand that shares my dedication to excellence both on and off the court.”

Dawkins explained the brand chose the seven NBA players for their unique style, commitment to their craft and the confidence they exude both on and off the court. 

“They all have slightly different styles, but the thing that connects them all is this confidence to wear what they want and find their own way of wearing it, which has so many synergies with our customer,” she said. “What’s also really interesting is we were able to play with a number of our key collections based off the personality or the style of the different talents, so we get to show the different style approaches that each person has inherently in themselves and reflect them differently throughout each talent.” 

David Yurman taps seven NBA players as brand ambassadors

Kyle Kuzma

Courtesy of David Yurman

Dawkins explained that men’s jewelry is one of David Yurman’s fastest-growing categories. The company first entered the category in 2004 and has built it out to be a core part of the overall brand. In January, the brand introduced its first men’s high jewelry collection. For the campaign, David Yurman tapped actor Michael B. Jordan. 

“Men are increasingly looking to jewelry to express their style and to express an elevated sense of style,” Dawkins said. “It’s been a really high growth category, and there’s not a lot of brands that are really focused on a unique design. [David Yurman is] inherently really focused on men and it is a really different kind of sentiment that our brand has.” 

David Yurman’s docuseries campaign will debut on Tuesday on the brand’s website and across its social platforms. 

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