Environmental Artist Anne de Carbuccia’s First Film Bows on Amazon Prime

PROTECTION NEEDED: Leading environmental artist Anne de Carbuccia has written and directed her first 93-minute documentary feature film called “Earth Protectors,” distributed by Minerva Pictures International, which just debuted on Amazon Prime and will also be available on AppleTV later this month.

De Carbuccia for the last decade created striking photos reflecting on the damage mankind has done to nature and animals. She addresses climate change, which causes environmental loss and therefore cultural loss and during her trips, she met a new generation of women and men who are working to save our planet, whom she calls earth protectors.

Inspired by their commitment and their achievements, she decided to start filming “because a lot of people when looking at my images didn’t really believe that I was physically going to those places to create my installations. Little by little, the documentary film making became a narrative, a story.” She understood “the extraordinary reach of film, how much more awareness you can create with moving images. It’s one of the most powerful instruments for change.”

The “Earth Protectors” range from marine biologist Mariasole Bianco, founder of the NGO Worldrise, who is implementing projects to safeguard the marine environment in Italy, to Nepal-based humanitarian Tashi Bista, who is working with several remote villages in the Himalayas that are running out of glacial water and need to move. Another example is Jared Cairuna Cauper, Shipibo tribal ranger, a forest protector of the Peruvian Amazon from illegal incursions and deforestation often putting his own life at risk. Scientists include Roberto Ambrosini, a scientific researcher who has traveled to all continents to study the presence of microplastics on glaciers and high mountain ranges, and Julie Pullen, earth scientist and oceanographer, whose expertise spans climate, weather and hydro science.

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A still from “Earth Protectors” directed by Anne de Carbuccia.

“I want to take viewers on a journey and inspire them,” de Carbuccia said. “I want them to realize that each and every one of us can become a positive geological force. Our daily thoughts and actions affect the planet as a whole, and that is empowering. It means that if mankind chooses to, we can change the future of our planet overnight.”

De Carbuccia has established the One Planet One Future Foundation in the U.S. and in Italy. She has also been a featured speaker at the United Nations World Oceans Day conference and participates in mentorship programs for several institutions such as the Guggenheim and IOC-UNESCO, which appointed her role model for the Ocean Decade and member of the Group of Experts on Ocean Literacy.

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