EXCLUSIVE: Paige Lorenze Talks Dairy Boy’s First Ready-to-wear Launch Following Wimbledon Reveal

For Paige Lorenze, Dairy Boy serves as a natural extension of her personality. The influencer, who launched her lifestyle and apparel brand in 2021, trades in trendy pieces inspired by her East Coast roots, athletic background and passion for vintage aesthetics.

Now, Dairy Boy makes its first foray into ready-to-wear with two new looks that draw upon her newfound status as a tennis “WAG” (Lorenze began dating pro player Tommy Paul in 2022), revealing both sporty-meets-preppy ensembles at this year’s Wimbledon tournament.

Eva Rankin and Paige Lorenze model Dairy Boy's new offerings at Wimbledon, ready to wear, tweed, lifestyle, tenniscore, preppy, sporty, influencer

Eva Rankin and Paige Lorenze model Dairy Boy’s new offerings at Wimbledon.

Nancy Lorenze Photography

Here, WWD chats with Lorenze about her brand’s latest expansion, the tenniscore trend and what’s next for Dairy Boy.

WWD: What was the inspiration behind your first ready-to-wear drop?

Paige Lorenze: Tennis has become a really big part of my life through my partner Tommy, and I’ve really loved how my personal style has developed through tennis. I just have such a love for the fashion and the history of the sport. I designed the Tweed Match Dress as an ode to everyone’s favorite tennis tournament of the year.

WWD: Walk us through the design process, start to finish.

P.L.: I started brainstorming last year right after Wimbledon. At that time I had just hired a new designer, Mariana Santillan, at my company Dairy Boy. One of our first meetings that we had, I said, “What do you think about designing a custom dress with me for Wimbledon?” She was really excited about it, and we were actually going to just make a custom piece for me. I was going to wear it and we weren’t going to sell it.

Paige Lorenze previews Dairy Boy's first ready-to-wear drop, tweed, tenniscore, preppy, influencer, lifestyle

Paige Lorenze previews Dairy Boy’s first ready-to-wear drop.

Dairy Boy

Then, we had two rounds of sampling and the first sample came back perfect. We ended up having enough time where we were like, “Let’s make this available to our community and to the public.” It’s been really fun because this is something that we haven’t done before, but I think the essence of my brand is that I’m a lifestyle brand. So it’s really about having all sorts of different products that fit into my lifestyle. I think people are going to be really surprised by this, but excited.

WWD: What about the tenniscore aesthetic is so appealing to you?

P.L.: I really love how classic and timeless it is. I think I’ve also loved leaning into what my style is evolving into in my mid-20s and dressing a little bit classier. It’s been amazing to dress up for these matches because it’s impacted my personal style a lot. Tenniscore in general is having a moment right now because it’s this mixture of sophistication, comfort and athleticism. As someone who’s been an athlete my whole life, I love how tennis blends fashion and sport — it just really fits my personality.

WWD: What’s your strategy in terms of Dairy Boy’s ready-to-wear expansion?

P.L.: This first release inspired us and showed us that this is something that we really want to do as a brand and that this is something that we’re really passionate about. I would love to release more pieces that revolve around where I am — whether it’s going to the Olympics, Wimbledon or the U.S. Open — this is definitely something that my brand is going to be leaning into.

Preliminary sketches for Dairy Boy's first ready-to-wear drop, Paige Lorenze, preppy, influencer, tenniscore, tweed, lifestyle, Wimbledon

Preliminary sketches for Dairy Boy’s first ready-to-wear drop.

Dairy Boy

WWD: You’re at Wimbledon now. What’s the energy like leading up to your partner Tommy Paul’s matches?

P.L.: It’s great. We’re so excited to be here. Tommy just won the [Queen’s Club Championships], which was incredible. I’m so happy for him. It’s always nice to have that confidence coming into a big tournament. I know he’s feeling really good and just excited to be here. It’s one of his favorite tournaments of the year. The fact that I can be here and support him, but then also be working and designing something that I’m wearing to the tournament, it’s all really cool.

WWD: Are there any other upcoming product launches you’d like to tease?

P.L.: There’s a sister company of Dairy Boy called American Charm, but they’re very interlocked. It’s just Dairy Boy’s home line. We’re launching bedding, which I’m really excited about. There’s a lot coming this summer — we’re also doing a U.S. Open pop-up again. We did one last year. We’re doing an in-person store experience the weekend before the U.S. Open.

All of our products are vintage-inspired, but at the pop-up we’ll have a lot of vintage-inspired tennis stuff, some new denim pieces and some exclusive products. It’s been really fun to plan these things around these exciting moments because it’s it’s really where I am. I really am always here at Wimbledon during this time of year, and I’m always at the U.S. Open in August. So I’m making the most of traveling on the road.

Dairy Boy’s Ready To Wear Match Collection ($115) is available to shop on dairyboy.com starting Tuesday at 5 p.m. ET.

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