EXCLUSIVE: Therabody Launches Multitasking TheraFace Mask

Therabody is expanding its skin care offerings.

The brand, which launched its TheraFace Pro, $399, in 2022, is now introducing a hands-free, full-face offering called the TheraFace Mask, $599, which features three LED treatments including red light meant to address signs of aging, blue light to fight acne and red and infrared light to boost collagen, as well as a vibrating massage mode. The FDA-cleared class 2 medical device features 648 medical-grade LEDs to treat the entire face in one sitting.

“Now we’re getting into skin care, which makes a lot of sense if you think about the modalities and the technology that we have access to: red light, blue light, vibration, infrared light,” said Therabody founder and chief wellness officer Dr. Jason Wersland, noting three years ago it was difficult to source LEDs that would bend for a curved mask like this one.

While the TheraFace Pro was a key launch for the brand, as it kick-started its foray into skin care, it also provided an idea to create a more passive product with the TheraFace Mask.

“That [the TheraFace Pro] opened our eyes to, ‘Oh, wow, what if we had something that was passive?’” said Wersland. “Being able to have something that’s really passive, but super effective, that’s where this idea came from.”

Each of the three types of light runs for three minutes. According to the Therabody team, nine minutes a day is the maximum treatment time, so consumers won’t need to double up on sessions for optimal benefits.

TheraFace Mask

TheraFace Mask


“We put vibrating motors, 17 of them. There’s some that line the eye and some that line the strap and this just makes it more comfortable, makes you want to use it more which that’s what we want to do is get you on a consistent regimen,” said Lissa Bankston, director of human performance at Therabody.

While the three LEDs and the vibrating mode together create a multifunctional product, the team ensured the design allowed users to multitask while using the mask. The product includes removable silicone goggles to protect the eye area, though according to a study published in The Journals of Gerontology, red light may support overall eye health, which the brand emphasized. Bankston estimates the goggles block about 95 percent of the light from getting to the eyes, so consumers can multitask. This feature fits nicely into the wellness trend of “habit stacking,” which has accumulated nearly 78 million views on TikTok — think wearing a hands-free mask while reading a book.

With this new launch, Therabody is continuing to address the beauty market, as it fits into the brand’s overall ethos around full-body health.

“[With] the TheraFace pro, we were freshmen. Now we feel like we’re juniors, getting into where we kind of understand the [beauty] space a little bit,” said Wersland.

In an effort to educate consumers, the brand will be doubling down on content. Expect a specific beauty vertical on the education section of the brand’s website to learn about the product, its results and detailed protocols. The brand is also planning to expand its presence at beauty-centric conferences, as it positions itself as a leader in health tech broadly.

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TheraFace Mask

In terms of first-year sales, Therabody expects the TheraFace Mask to perform similarly to the TheraFace Pro, which was a multimillion-dollar opportunity.

“With the immense success of TheraFace Pro we created a multimillion-dollar business in year one, with sales second only to our flagship product, Theragun,” said Wersland. “We see no reason why we can’t continue to achieve similar sales results as we expand our product line with TheraFace Mask.”

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