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General manager Deshaun Watson says Deshaun Watson is expected to play for the Cleveland Browns once he’s eligible

Deshaun Watson will likely start for the Cleveland Browns in his first game back from suspension, Andrew Berry, the team general manager, said Wednesday.

Watson can return to the game against his former team, Houston Texans.

Watson, 27, returned to the team’s training area on October 10 and was able to take part in limited activities.

Berry said to reporters that Watson’s return has been “great”.

Berry said, “He’s kept in great shape.” Berry said that Berry was a regular participant in the meetings. He has done all that was asked of him.

“We’ll be thrilled to have him when we can continue to boost football activities and get back onto the practice field.”

Watson can begin full-time practice with the team starting November 14.

After Watson was accused by more than 20 women of sexual misconduct, the NFL and NFL Players Association reached an agreement in August to suspend Watson from 11 regular season games and fine him $5 million.

Watson has already settled every sexual misconduct civil case against him, except one.

He denied any wrongdoing in these cases and two grand juries separately declined to indict him for criminal charges.

Three-time Pro Bowler, he has not played in a regular season match since 2020. He was forced to miss the entire last season by a trade request from the Texans and the investigation into the allegations.

Berry was asked if Watson could shake off the rust after two years of non-playing. Berry responded that he believed in the former Heisman Trophy nominee.

Berry stated, “Look, we spent quite a bit of time with Deshaun both in spring and camp and earned a lot in reps.”

“That said, we aren’t trying to be any quarterback, but with the time Deshaun has taken off to expect him not to do everything.

“This is not always how the team is built or designed. That would be an unreasonable request for any quarterback, I don’t think.

“In just a few weeks, we’ll be in the world where we get him ready to play and we’ll handle it appropriately.”

Watson was the subject of a civil suit in October. However, the NFL stated that his status is unchanged.

Berry declined to answer questions about the civil suit.

Berry said, “We will let Deshaun’s legal team speak for us,”

The Browns are currently 3-5 going into their bye week.

Berry was very complimentary of Jacoby Brissett, who started for the team this season in Watson’s place.

Berry stated, “Jacoby is everything we had hoped for when we signed him,”

“I believe that he has given us the opportunity and more to win in every one his starts, maybe except for one.

“He’s been a great addition to our company, and we couldn’t be happier with the contributions he has made to our team so far.”

Brissett has thrown for 1,862 yards and seven touchdowns, as well as five interceptions, in eight starts this year.

The Browns will next play against the Dolphins in Miami on November 13.

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