How HSN and Are Boosting Affiliate Marketing via Personalized Content Creation and HSN have teamed up to launch a content creator platform called HSNfluencer. The platform is powered by’s technology and will allow HSN to “recruit, engage, manage, and analyze its creator partners through a fully customized experience, in one place for optimization and scale,” the companies said in a joint statement.

Terms of the partnership were not disclosed.

“The technology allows HSN to streamline direct relationships with creators and influencers to build its own network with more visibility,” the companies said, adding that within the platform, creators and influencers will be able to collaborate with HSN and “use carefully curated product collections to inspire their next content story and generate affiliate product links for their posts.”

HSN said it will also leverage its on-air personalities as creators within the platform, “who will have their own storefronts, allowing customers to interact with their favorite HSN personalities and shop their curated collections.”

The launch keys into a growing consumer demand for trust. David A. Yovanno, chief executive officer of, said today’s shoppers “require social proof and recommendations from trusted sources — including creators — before they even consider purchasing from a brand.”

In the statement, the companies said 88 percent of consumers trust personal recommendations over any other channel, while 64 percent make purchases based on an influencer’s recommendation. Subsequently, establishing partnerships “with these trusted sources is a viable way of engaging the right audience at the right time.”

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Yovanno said the creator economy continues to grow and is expected to reach $480 billion by 2027. The CEO said it is crucial for businesses to leverage partnerships with trusted sources “to make sure they meet today’s buyer where they are — seeking out authentic and transparent reviews and recommendations from those they trust, before making a purchase.”

Rebecca Kerper, vice president and chief digital officer at HSN, said the influencer marketing industry “is driven by creators building rapport with today’s discerning consumers. With HSNfluencer, we’ll be able to grow our ambassador program and showcase the mutually beneficial relationship between creator impact and customer engagement.”

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