Monday Haircare Founder’s New Brand Is Her Most Inclusive Yet, From Formula to Packaging to Shelf Placement

Jaimee Lupton is betting on hair care — again.

The founder of Monday Haircare, who debuted another brand in the category in February, is launching Being, a 17-product range of hair for all hair types that will launch on endcaps in 2,500 Walmart doors this month. Every product is priced at $6.97.

The products cater to every hair type and will all be merchandised together, Lupton said.

“The line is comprised of all hair types in one aisle, one shelf and one brand. This brand is for everyone and was developed in partnership with trichologists,” she said. “We strongly believe in accessibility at mass and true inclusivity, and at the end of the day, that means everyone can get their hands on it.”

The Walmart-exclusive brand joins two other hair care brands in Lupton’s portfolio at Monday International Ltd., which includes Monday and Osāna Naturals. The parent company is projected to reach $300 million in sales this year, the company said.

The launch comes at a relatively flat time in mass hair care. The category only grew 1 percent in the first quarter of 2024, per Circana data. The broad consumer base is a key differentiator from its competition, Lupton contended, and industry sources expect Being’s retail sales to reach $20 million in its first year.

“Eighty percent of people find it hard to find products that work best for their hair,” Lupton said. “Educating at point of sale, and educating people on their hair types, is part of the strategy. On the packaging, it shows every hair type.”


Jaimee Lupton

Each range is tailored to specific hair types, from 1A to 4C textures. “We have five core lines within the brand: shampoos, conditioners, leave-ins and hair masks,” Lupton said. “We wanted to represent each hair type equally, and you will see an equal marketing voice for each SKU. There’s a real gap at mass for these hair types.”

The products’ volumizing range includes avocado and macadamia oil; the frizz range features jojoba and almond oil; the curl range highlights coconut and grapeseed oils, and the moisture range couples cocoa butter with oat extract. The products are certified cruelty-free and Leaping Bunny approved.

“The overall approach with this brand is to celebrate hair in its natural form and speak to our community,” Lupton said. “There’s a lot of discussion about how the brand stood up and spoke to different hair types, specifically curly and coily hair, and they’re often marginalized and seen as the ‘other’ offering within a brand, and we want to represent them equally.”

That ethos extends to the packaging, which Lupton likened to oversize toothpaste tubes. “They’re soft and easy to squeeze with high-contrast labels, large typography and Braille recognition so people can feel and use the products easily,” she said. 

“We’re also making sure we own all of the colors — for example, with Monday Haircare, we own that Monday pink,” she said. “We learned from Monday’s success that that was very key.”

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