NFL bans hip-drop tackle at league owners’ meetings

NFL clubs voted to outlaw the hip-drop tackle, the league announced Monday.

If a player grabs a runner with both hands/arms while attempting to make a tackle and “unweights himself by swiveling and dropping his hips and/or lower body, landing on and trapping the runner’s leg(s) at or below the knee,” then it is a 15-yard penalty and an automatic first down, according to the NFL press release.



What is a hip-drop tackle and will the NFL and NFLPA agree to ban it?

The rule was opposed by the NFLPA, who released a statement last week that said: “The players oppose any attempt by the NFL to implement a rule prohibiting a ‘swivel hip-drop’ tackle. We call on the NFL, again, to reconsider implementing this rule.”

The NFL, however, has strongly supported the play’s removal, with NFL executive vice president of football operations Troy Vincent saying it is “something that we have to remove.”

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