Seaside Charm: Tiny Beachfront Ice Cream Hut Hits Market for £1.5 Million

Nestled along the picturesque Salcombe estuary in south Devon, a charming stone-built ice cream kiosk, affectionately known as “The Old Stable,” has been listed for sale with a price tag of £1.5 million.

Operating as a beloved beach café and shop in the affluent village of East Portlemouth, this freehold property offers a unique opportunity to own a slice of coveted coastline in one of Britain’s most sought-after locations.

Measuring a modest 19.7ft by 14.4ft, the compact site boasts stunning views of golden sandy beaches and sits on approximately an acre of prime beachfront land, accessible even at low tide. Originally constructed as a stable for weary horses traversing long distances, it has evolved into a cherished seaside destination, offering respite and refreshments to locals and visitors alike.

Amy Hart, property agent at Savills, describes the allure of this coastal gem, stating, “Without doubt, this is my favourite stretch of coastline. Just imagine owning those golden sandy shores gazing over to Salcombe. How special.”

East Portlemouth has witnessed a remarkable surge in property prices, with a staggering 117% increase recorded last year, fetching an average of £3.8 million for residential homes. Adjacent to a bustling jetty, frequented by a daily passenger ferry connecting the village to the renowned town of Salcombe, south Devon, the area has earned the moniker “Chelsea-on-Sea” for its allure to affluent Britons seeking coastal retreats.

Celebrities and A-listers have long been drawn to the coastal charm of Salcombe, with notable figures like Kate Bush and Sir Clive Woodward owning holiday homes in the area. The sale of “The Old Stable,” previously owned by Rufus Gilbert, offers a rare opportunity to invest in seaside splendor, steeped in history and coastal allure.

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