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Source: Denzel Washington’s catering vendor for ‘Equalizer 3’ production implicated in a cocaine bust in Italy

Two Italian police officers arrested two caterers who were working on Denzel Washington’s production of “The Equalizer 3”. They were raided by officials in search of hotel rooms and found 100 grams of cocaine.

According to Il Giornale, authorities confiscated 120 grams of cocaine from a hotel room in the Italian seaside town of Maiori.

Deadline reports that the men were taken into custody following a private event on their day off and they were not present at the scene when the alleged crimes occurred. According to the outlet, the independent contractor catering company would be replacing them.

According to reports, the two caterers were both over 30 and were taken into custody for possessing drugs for dealing.

The suspects are currently under house arrest at the hotel, and they await judicial authority.

The Compagnia Di Amalfi established the sting after the death of a 55-year-old man who died from a heart attack in a pub.

Officials searched the victim and found cocaine in his pocket. This prompted an investigation to search for additional narcotics in the hotel.

Another employee was also alleged to have narcotics in their possession and had their driver’s license revoked.

According to the newspaper, authorities also swept the port at a local marina, where crews had accessed the area for filming after the investigation at the hotel.

Antoine Fuqua is the producer and director for “The Equalizer 3”, his third action movie with Washington as the former Marine, Robert McCall.

After Fuqua’s groundbreaking crime thriller “Training Day”, the pair have collaborated on many films together over the years.

Washington and Dakota Fanning will also be reunited nearly 20 years ago, almost twenty years after their first collaboration in “Man on Fire.”

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