What questions do you have about Biden's future and the presidential race?

President Biden’s disastrous debate performance last week has sparked calls within the Democratic Party for him to step aside, with some officials and operatives arguing that he can no longer defeat former President Donald Trump.

Biden, 81, has insisted that he is not backing down, but pressure continues to build. At the same time, Biden has already secured the delegates needed for his renomination and the Democratic National Convention is just weeks away.

While Yahoo News continues to report on topics like who could replace Biden as the Democratic nominee, the growing list of Democrats who have voiced concerns about Biden’s candidacy, Biden’s slip in post-debate polls, and the debate over whether Democrats should stick with the president, we wanted to hear from readers about the questions you want answered about tumultuous turn the race has taken.

Please send us your questions using the form below and we will try to provide answers in a future post. The deadline to submit your questions is Sunday, July 7.

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